CoachellaやGlastonburyなどのビッグフェス、ロンドンのFabricやイビザのPachaなどで活躍するHot Since 82はあまりにも有名で当たり前に聞く名前だが、その成功は一夜にして成し遂げられたものではない。


しかし、それはデイリーが望んだ道ではなかった。3年間の休養期間をとり、自分の内なる声に耳をすませた。そして、ハードドライブに何ヶ月も保存されたままだったトラックだった”Let It Ride”をWhite Isleのアフターパーティでプレイしたとき、フロアからの反応に圧倒された。そして、そのトラックを友人のノアールに送ると、彼が主宰していたNoir Musicというレーベルからリリースされ、ディープハウスチャートを急速に駆け上っていった。ちょうど、ガラージの影響を受けた、ベースの効いたサウンドが爆発しはじめていた時だった。そうして、Hot Since 82は誕生したのだ。
そしてHot Since ‘82の大活躍が始まった。BBC Radio Oneの”Essential New Tunes”に4回、”Essential Mixes”に2回、そして、Beatportのオールタイムトップ10に”Bigger Than Prince”のリミックスがランクイン、mixmagの表紙に選ばれたり、数多くの世界最高峰のフェスでプレイしたり、ストリングス4重奏と共演したり、7年連続でイビザで夏を過ごし、うち3回はPachaのLabyrinthのレジデントを務め、世界中をユニークな・クラブ体験を提供するTAKENでツアーしたり、話し始めたらキリがないほど多くの実績を積み重ねてきた。


To many Hot Since 82 is a household name, from Coachella to Glastonbury, Fabric to an Ibiza residency at Pacha, it’s easy to forget his success didn’t come overnight.

Nevertheless, it was written in the stars that Daley Padley should become a DJ. Long before ‘82, his parents were already dancing the night away to Northern Soul. Many of his family members were in bands or playing instruments, so it made perfect sense for Daley to get behind the decks. His formal DJ education started at age 17 in his hometown Barnsley, where he’d play a twelve hour set each Sunday. He even landed a summer residency at Ibiza’s Amnesia in 2006.

But that was not Daley’s path. It would take a sabbatical of three years to truly find his inner voice. When he played out ‘Let It Ride’ at an afterparty on the White Isle – a track sitting on his hard drive for months – the response was overwhelming. He sent it to his friend Noir, who released it on Noir Music that very summer. It flew to the top of the deep house charts, just as a new style of bass-heavy, garage-influenced music was exploding. Hot Since 82 was born – and here to stay.

Since then, Hot Since ‘82’s trajectory has been nothing short of incredible. Four BBC Radio One ‘Essential New Tunes,’ two ‘Essential Mixes,’ he’s a top 10 Beatport seller of all time with his ‘Bigger Than Prince’ remix, Mixmag cover star, performing live at many of the world’s leading festivals, accompanied by a string quartet, x7 Ibiza seasons including x3 as a resident at Labyrinth at Pacha, touring the world with his unique clubbing experience TAKEN… the list goes on.

Come 2019, Daley has achieved what many aspiring artists can only dream of. Having toured extensively across five continents Hot Since 82 has become a staple in the international club and festival scene, as proven by his sold out tours in North and South America, Australia and of course the U.K. So what’s the secret? “I love interacting with the crowd. Emotions in a record are everything to me. My mission is to take people somewhere, and to hope they enjoy the journey and leave feeling enlightened.”