Introduction to Discout System

Member Discount

You can receive discount (500yen 〜) for the event have VISION MEMBERS special entrance fee on list, and also special prize or information in advance. (only for a member him/herself)

Go to registration form

Flyer Discount

For the event which has “with flyer” on entrance fee list, if you bring a flyer, you can get “with flyer discount”. You can also download flyer image on event page (which has “with flyer” entrance fee) and show the screen or print out at entrance.

Birthday Discount

Discount for the people comes to VISION to celebrate birthday.
Please show your picture ID to check your birthdate. It is valid within a week of your birthday. (Mon-Sun)
Free entrance for birthday boy / girl, 1000yen off for friends.

Student Discount

Discount for Student to enjoy at VISION.
You must have picture student ID card.
if you don’t have student ID with picture, bring picture ID together.

If the event is for over 20 yrs old only, you cannot come in.



If you wish to sign up, please input your email address and press “Register” button.
You can receive members discount and many prizes after you sign up.

When you sign up correctly, you will receive confirmation email.
If you don’t receive it, please check your junk mail filter settings.

How to cancel registration
If you want to cancel registration, please input email address you registered and click “cancel” button.

How to Change Email address
if you want to change your email address, please input email address you registered and click “edit” button.